Build Robots!

New to the world of hardware and IoT? Don't know the difference between a servo and a motor? Want to take your hardware skills to (literally) new heights? Spend the day learning about hardware and building a JavaScript-powered robot with the community's leading experts!


Take the mission of spreading JavaScript to every corner of the world to its next logical conclusion, the water!

Join a worthy crew (or cross the seas solo) to hack together a boat (or a boat-like floaty object) using Node.js to bring the seas under your control.

Note: You may get wet on this ride as you will undoubtedly need to rescue your vessel at least once. Dress appropriately!


Team up (or go solo) to hack together Arduino-based robots, all using just JavaScript!

If you have no idea what an LED is, or a resistor for that matter, have no fear! NodeBot experts will be on-hand to help you hack, solder, and 3D print your way to a full fledged NodeBot!


3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF!!! Why stop with just Earth? It is time to take JavaScript to outer space!

Join us for the return of NodeRockets as we combine all the power of hobby rockets with all the geekery of Node.js. Sign up, flight control, as we take to the sky, terrify anyone on the driving range, and break the altitude barrier WITH CODE!


We are currently working on plans for a new Node-powered workshop. Details to come soon!