What We Do

SitePen is a modern web consultancy specializing in Enterprise JavaScript. We partner with our customers to improve their development organizations. Better architecture. Better code. Better DevOps. Better teams. Better outcomes. We make enterprise application development better.

Our Team

...is made up of a bunch of clever humans who design and build BIG applications. Open source software and working remotely brought us together but we’ve yet to reach further consensus oncats vs. dogs?

While you’re probably wondering how we keep this disagreeable band together, the answer is simple; when we pool our ideas, talent and knowledge we build damn impressive software -- and THAT makes us happy.

Open Source

We’re JavaScript pioneers and having co-created one of the first enterprise JavaScript libraries, the Dojo Toolkit, our team has been actively building OS software and contributing to open source communities for 15 years.

We Have Fun With...

Connect With Us

For more information or to have us spend some time with your team, say hello@sitepen.com.