On-Site Childcare

Our on-site childcare program will be available to children, 12 years of age or younger, of all attendees from 8am - 7pm on days Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Our childcare provider, Sitterwise of San Diego, will be creating an experience beyond just baby sitting. With themes centered around goal setting and team building, the children will come away with an unforgettable experience.

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The following information is provided courtesy of our childcare provider, Sitterwise of San Diego, California.

  • Scheduled evening including craft time, active games, free play with board games and toys, movie time, etc.

  • Age-appropriate games, toys, and activities.

  • Age-appropriate crafts.

  • Video game console with rated E (Everyone) games only.

  • Uniformed staff, registration, and security procedures to ensure safety of all children.

  • Room decor, setting a festive atmosphere for the party.

Caregiver Ratios

Caregivers will be provided in a ratio of 2:1 for infants up to one year; 3:1 for toddlers ages 12 months to 4 years; 4:1 for children ages 4+.

CPR Training

There will be at least three CPR trained individuals on staff during the event.

Security Procedures

Numbered cards will be given to each parent, and each parent will be required to register their children on the sign-in sheets provided by Sitterwise. The children will receive wristbands with coordinating numbers. No child will be released without the card issued to the child’s parent by a Sitterwise caregiver. A Sitterwise caregiver will be assigned to monitor the entrance and exit to the rooms in which the childcare is provided. This will prevent any child from leaving the room without a parent or escort.

Restroom Visits

A diaper changing station will be provided. Children will always be escorted to and from the restrooms, regardless of their age. A female will escort the girls, and a male will escort the boys. Escorts will wait for the children inside the restroom, near the doorway.

Statement of Background Screening

Sitterwise conducts a Multi-State Criminal Background Check with Sex-Offender Screen on each caregiver at time of hire. We do not repeat the check routinely, but our core staff (those who are with us long-term) complete Trustline, which is an ongoing-check for nannies in California.

All of the Sitterwise caregivers are referred to them by someone they know and trust, and they also check their references and do an in-person interview.